Good Infrastructure

The neighborhood of LLHouse has good infrastructure (supermarkets, restaurants, historical sites, clubs, etc). Life is interesting and comfortable here, especially if you have a car.

For Car Travelers

Today Russian roads are quite good, and you may come from Europe through Poland-Belarus-Minskoe and Mozhaiskoe Hightways (5-6 Hours from Minsk to Moscow), or through Poland-Latvia-NovoRizhskoe Highway (5-6 hours from Riga to Moscow), or through Baltic Sea Terminal — Saint-Petersburg-Leningradskoe Highway (6 hours from St.-Pet. to Moscow). All these highways are good. Leningradskoe Highway is a toll road. A lot of gas stations on the roads and one of them right on the corner of Mozhaiskoe Highway and our village road. Good auto service is 5 km from us. Big parts market Kuntsevo with official dialers auto services (Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, VW, LandRover, Ford, Chevrolet, Opel, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot) is only 25-30 minutes from LLHouse. Volvo Service is also near us on Minskoe Highway. It takes 15-20 minutes to get there. The other big car dialer and technical service (40 auto brands) is a bit far — Major Auto (NovoRizhskoe Highway) — about 45-60 minutes. The cost of 1 liter of good quality petrol or diesel is about 0,5 euro.

Food stores, shops and supermarkets

Within the village we have a little food shop (including beer but not strong alcohol), private baker (bread and cakes at your order), a few calvados and vodka makers.

There are some big international supermarket networks here: METRO, Globus, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Castorama. And Russian food networks: Pyaterocka, Perekrestok, Diksi. Fresh vegetables and fruits we usually buy at Zhavoronki Market near Suburban Railway Station. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, strawberry, chokeberry and plums in our garden. Also we are the biggest calvados makers in our village. Our brand is Yabler Calvados.

Sports and activities

Indoor 50-meters swimming pool and tennis courts are not far from LLHouse. It is about 15-20 minutes by car.

In Summer one may walk in the forest (no bears!:)), there are some footpaths there, kids ropeway, and this year we have started to clean the forest from old fallen trees. In Winter we make ski track in the forest and it links to the ski tracks of other villages and cottage settlements around us, so we have kilometers of them here. But everything depends on the weather, Global warming influences us more and more.

Sports, available in the village:

  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Petanque
  • Outdoor table tennis and mini table tennis in the very house
  • Table hockey
  • Bicycles and Running
  • Badminton
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Playing cards
  • Monopoly and many other table games
  • Weightlifting

Also in Winter it is possible to get to Ski Hills at Dmitrovskoe Highway. But I would not recommend it for people from Europe who have Alps (the real mountains) and don’t want to loose 2,5 hours one way and pay too much compared to European Ski Resorts. But you may try all-seasoning-indoor-Ski-Tube located not too far from us — about 1 hour.

What to see

We have some interesting sites around us. First of all — Moscow itself. It is easy to get to suburban train from our house. We usually use a car or taxi. It is really cheap, 3 euro one way. But in summer when the weather is good and not wet it is very pleasant to walk from the Station to LLHouse. See the scheme — it’s really close. The trains are different and there a lot of them. Normally we have a train to Moscow Center every 15 minutes. Travel Time: Express train called Reks — 30 minutes; Standard or Standard Plus (the difference is in seats’ design) — 43-47 minutes. Depending on the number of stops.

Trains go to Belorusski Railway Terminal and some of them — to Sheremetievo (SVO) International Airport. We use Service (web or it’s mobile application) to check trains’ schedule.

Belorusski Railway Terminal is actually in the center of Moscow. It is the far end of the main Moscow street called Tverskaya that leads to the Kremlin.

Zvenigorod Monastery is an interesting place not far from us. One of oldest monasteries in Russia, «western military wall of Moscow», very saint and beautiful place. You may buy monastery bread there, drink water from saint well, visit church and walls of the monastery, buy some souvenirs and Russian traditional non alcohol drink Kvas (the real one should have bit alcohol — 1-1,5% may be). 30 minutes by car from us.

Pushkin Museum and Knyaz Golitsin noble estate with ponds and horse riding is very close to us — 5-7 minutes by car or by bus.

Patriot Park — modern and biggest military museum in Europe where you can see everything from German, Russian, American, English of French tanks of WWI, WWII to the most modern military technics of Russia, visit gorillas village, eat and buy partisan bread there, shoot from many types of weapons. It is 25 minutes by car from us.

Museum of Technics by Vadim Zadorozhny — is a very interesting place. Big collection of old cars and bikes from all over the world, soviet corteges, weapons of WWI and WWI including locomotives and airplanes. 25 minutes by car from us.

Many old churches around.

There is a legendary Russian elite highway «Rubliovka» 7 minutes from us. There are some restaurants and elite shops there. The highway is a very narrow and quite and leads to Moscow.

Moscow River is 15 minutes by car from LLHouse. It is possible to swim there when the water is not cold (depends on the weather but usually from June till September). There are a few small beaches are there, one of them is payed.

Russian bath — a lot of them here. But I would recommend the one near Nikolina Hill. This bath has not changed since my childhood, my father took me there when I was ten and now I take my 16 y.o. son there sometimes. It is a public bath. Male/female days are different. Herbal tea (free), beer, kvas, cheaps and nuts, special caps, towels and surely birch-tree and oak twigs for extra money. One hour costs about 5 euro. This bath is 15-20 minutes by car from us.

Where to eat

The nearest restaurant is in Zhavoronki village near Suburban Train Station. 5 minutes by car from us (or 30 minutes by walk). There are some good restaurants around where you can go by taxi and it takes 20-30 minutes and 4-10 euro.

Also we have Home Beer Brewery (Lark Craft) very close to us. You may taste domestic beer there. 5 minutes by car.

But there is nothing better than home cuisine in Russia. Russian women are goddesses of a cuisine and not only of traditional one. My birthday this was a Mexican party and it was fantastic. One a while we eat Indian dishes. Russian families keep cuisine secrets of their ancestors and The New Year table is a pinnacle of it. I strongly recommend all foreigners to eat together with the Russian family. It is healthy, safe and very tasty. It doesn’t necessary mean drinking vodka (but highly likely). We usually drink tea, coffee and juices:))