Yabler Calvados Distillery in Lvov-Ladygin House

Every second year apple trees in our village give as much apples as we can not eat. People even can’t gather them all. I used to pick all my apples and make calvados.

The process is not fast and easy, but the drink is worth it. First of all I crush apples with a special machine, not grinding them. Then I let our fresh air work with this mush for an hour and add water from natural well which is a few kilometers from our village.

After this I add sugar and yeast. And put buckets with this brew in my Hammam for fermentation. It stays there for 36 hours at 37 C degrees. Then I distill it for the first time in copper alambique from Portugal. It gives me the first spirit. Usually I gather all spirit I can take from fermented brew. It is absolutely transparent and has no color. But, my God, how it smells! Unfortunately it is not recommended to drink it of some aromatic spirits and acetone. That’s why I need to distill this spirit again and collect «body» cutting so called «heads» (that is acetone) and «tails» (aromatic spirits). Surely some smell/amount gets lost, but after the second distillery I get an absolutely pure and ready to drink spirit. But it’s not calvados yet.

To turn apple spirit (you may call it Schnapps or Apple Grappa) into Calvados I have to age it in Oak Barrels for a few months. Usually 4,5-5 months drink in 10-liters barrel equals 3-4 years in 600-litters barrels calvados people use to buy in alcohol shops. I have three 10-liter barrels and it is enough for family and friends. It gives me about 100-120 litters of calvados in a year. Some people buy my Yabler Calvados if I produce too many bottles of it:))

Yabler has a strong apple flavor, apple and oak taste, and light dim copper color. I put it into old bottles from other strong alcohol drinks (whiskey, cognac, and so on) to prevent Nature from glass wastes. Sometimes I buy special bottles and even crystal decanters just to present my drink to V.I.P.s. And every bottle has my family seal.

My guests surely will try this tear of gods and can buy some to take it with them. Half a liter bottle costs 30 € — 40 € depending on the year of production. If you are lucky you’ll be able to participate in calvados production or bottling.

I expect lots of apples in 2021 !

Besides I produce chokeberry sweet wine — incredibly tasty rear bird. Also my friends from our village make Peach Schnapps and Pepper-Honey Vodka.